Company focused primary in the providing of complete forwarding services from door to door. Since 2009 we provide air transport within whole world. Within inland transport the company specialize in rail logistics and truck shipments, whether container or semi-classic.

Scope of business:

  • Forwarding, buying and selling services for maritime, air, rail and truck transportation
  • logistics activities, storage, etc.
  • Sales of containers, office containers

After a successful audit on 3.12.2007 our company obtained the certificate of the quality management system

Why SMART Logistics?

Long-time experiences of our professional team help to our customers solve problems and develop new ways of logistics solutions designed individually for each customer.

Our customer benefits include:

  • Individual approach to each customer.
  • The ability to identify weaknesses in the logistics process and its successful removal.
  • Adapting to any customer demand and flexibility of services offered.

Company history


  • Founded with the focus on inland logistics of containers


  • The certificationion of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015
  • Entry into the Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of the SR


  • Entry into the International Federation of Forwarders FIATA


  • Extension of our service offered by air transport
  • Entry into logistics networks WCA and ATLAS


  • Company logo upgrade
  • 5th Anniversary Party
  • The certification of the environmental management systems ISO 14001:2004


  • Obtaining a certificate AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Safety and Protection


  • Certification of environmental management system ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Certification of environmental management system ISO 28000:2007

Company policy

„To be European logistics leader distinguished by the quality of its services.“

Our mission:

We focus on world-class logistics solutions, which are based on:

  • Individual approach to each customer and its business with regard to quality, environment, occupation health & safety, information security and securing safe of a supply chain.
  • Advanced management of information flows.
  • Excellent knowledge of the global network.
  • With maximum emphasis on occupation health & safety in every activities.
  • • Through prevention and measures eliminate risks in relation to the main activities of the company, as well as accidents, accidents at work and safety incidents in the company.

Our team consists of professionally trained professionals for whom we create conducive conditions. Employees have the opportunity to create, and participate in the creation and improvement of individual management systems in the company.

We are flexible, innovative and safe.

We develop business relationships only with those suppliers who are long-lasting reliable.

Constantly seek further improvements in order to increase the added value for all parties.
We conduct operations in accordance with legal, administrative and other requirements leading to ever-improving and prevention according to ISO 9001 in quality, ISO 14001 in environmental care, ISO45001 Occupational Health &Safety, ISO/IEC 27001 in information security and ISO 28000 in supply chain security field.

Via established processes and plans in company we reduce the identified risks of information security and identified threats and risks in the supply chain as well as safety and health at work. Suppliers and relevant third parties including the contracting parties are informed about all these processes and plans resulting from the risk analysis.

We accept targets and programs, procedures and plans, business continuity plans to manage and reduce risk values and the resulting negative impact, not only for the company and employees but for the customer as well.

In Sladkovicovo, day 14.10.2020

Your team SMART LOGISTICS, s. r .o.

ISO 28000:2007

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 18001:2009

Certificate AAA Bisnode

Personal data protection

Dear customer, dear business partner

This information on protection of personal data and privacy applies to you and your personal data because you are our customer or business partner. Our company acts as an operator in processing of your personal data.

We want to explain to you how we are going to use personal data that we will receive from you or third parties during the term of our contractual relationship and after its termination.

With this document we would also like to fulfil our obligation to provide information pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (of EU) no. 2016/679 from April 27, 2016 on protection of natural persons when processing personal data and on free movement of such data, which terminates the Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and Act no. 18/2018 Journal of Laws from November 29, 2017 on personal data protection and on amendments of some statues

Operator’s Identification Data:
Fucikova 456
925 21 Sladkovicovo
Registration number: 36 667 633
VAT identification number: SK 2022232278
Registered with the Business Register in Trnava, section : Sro, Insert No. 18923/T
Executive Director: Mgr. Marian Machalec, CEO
(hereinafter “Operator”)

1. Types of personal data

We are processing the following data:

  • Personal contact data. For example, your name, surname, permanent address, correspondence address, email address, contact telephone number.
  • Working contact data. For example, address of the company that you are representing, job’s email address and telephone number.
  • Contractual data. For example, content of contract concluded with our company including all its addenda, extent of provided services.
  • Information on payment.
  • Data on correspondence and communication. For example, email correspondence, Internet data transmissions and IP address.
  • Accession data. Your accession rights to various applications within the IT infrastructure.
  • Registration data including your access password.
  • Information connected to security.

2. Purpose and goals of data processing

We are going to process your data for the following purposes:

  • Provision of contractual services. We have to keep records on our clients pursuant to specific rules. Legal grounds is fulfillment of Operator’s legal duty.
  • Customer administration. We are keeping records on all our customers and their services. We also make decisions on offers for our customers based on the analysis of our records. Legal grounds is the contract conluded between us and legitimate interest of the Operator.
  • Direct marketing. We deal with how to improve the development of our services of providing tailored offers to you. Legal grounds is the legitimate interest of Operator.
  • Taxes and bookkeeping. We are obliged to process certain personal data for the purposes of fulfillment of duties arising from the Tax Law and other regulations connected to financial implementation. Legal grounds is fulfillment of legal obligations.
  • Safety of and threat to the operation and network. We monitor the operational functionality, safety and stability of our network, whose participant you are, as well. Legal grounds is fulfillment of legal obligations and legitimate interest of the Operator.
  • Settling of disputes and investigation of offences. We can process personal data for the purposes of settling of disputes, complaints or legal procedures or if we have a suspicion of offence that we would like to further examine. Legal grounds is fulfillment of legal obligations and legitimate interest of the Operator.
  • Honouring of the law. We might maybe have to process your personal data in order to honour the law (e.g. If your name matches with names on the so-called lists of designated parties and honouring of the anti-money laundering act) or in order to comply with an injunction.

3. Who has acces to your data

Operator may share your data with third parties under these circumstances:
We can share your personal data with other third parties that act in our name, for example, with provider of services. In these cases, the third parties can use your personal data only for the abovementioned purposes and only in accoradance with our instructions. We have contractually obliged then to honour the safety instructions set forth by the law.

Our employees will have acces to personal data. Only those will have an access, who need it for their work for the abovementioned purposes and only if the employee is bound by the non-disclosure obligation.

If the law or injunction demands it, we can share your personal data with, for example, our suppliers or clients, tax authorities, social security services, law enforcement authorities or other governmental authorities.

4. Placement of your personal data

Your persona data will be placed solely within the European Union and the European Economic Area. We are protecting your data in our systems in the highest possible degree.

5. Retention of personal data

We retain your personal data for a limited time and these data will be deleted when they will no longer be needed for the processing purposes.  In most cases, this means that we are retaining your data during the term of your relationship with us. If possible, we will delete the data during your relationship with us as soon as they are no longer needed. In any case, your personal records will be deleted when the statutory deadlines expire after the termination of contractual relationship the latest unless the legislation demands their retention.

We can process your personal data for a longer period after the termination of relationship in case of an ongoing legal dispute or if you had granted a permission for a long-term retention of your personal data to us.

6. Legal grounds for processing of your personal data

In most cases, we process your personal data on the basis that the processing is necessary for the purposes of a legitimate interest that we are pursuing, on contractual grounds or on the basis of your approval as an involved person. You can withdraw your approval anytime you want by a provable notice on our webpage.  In many cases, we will also have to process your personal data on the grounds of legal duty as defined in special rule. In case of approval-based processing, you always have an option to withdraw your approval.

7. Rights of the involved persons

It is important for you to understand that it is your data that we are processing and that we want you to be informed about it. Even though we do not need your permission to process your personal data because the law  or laws connected to our contract require us to do so, you have a lot of rights when it comes to processing of your personal data. Text above will answer most of your questions.

Your rights

Right to access

You can request information on how we are processing your personal data, including the information on:

  • Why we are processing your personal data
  • What categories of personal data we process
  • With whom we share your personal data
  • How long we are retaining your personal data or what are the criteria for this period of retention
  • What rights you have
  • Where we get your personal data from (if we did not get them from you)
  • Whether the processing includes automated decision-making (so-called profiling)
  • Whether your personal data have been transferred to a country that is outside the EEA and how we are going to secure the protection of your personal data.

All the abovementioned information are avaialble in this document.

You can also ask for a copy of the personal data that we are processing. However, additional copies will not be free of charge.

Right to correction

It is important that we have correct information on you and therefore, we are asking you to inform us if any of your personal data is incorrect, for example, if you have changed your name or moved.

Right to deletion

If we are processingy your data unlawfully, for example, if we are processing your personal data for a longer period that is needed or without reason, you can ask us to delete these data.

Right to restriction of processing

Since the moment you have asked us to correct your personal data or if you had reservations towards the processing until the moment when we can investigate the problem or confirm

the accuracy of your personal data (or change them in accordance with your instructions), you have a right to a restricted processing. This means, that we (with exception of personal data retention) can process your personal data only in accordance with your approval and only if it is needed in regards to legal entitlements, protection of someone else’s rights or if there is a significant public interest in their processing. You can also ask for us to restrict the processing of your personal data if the processing is unlawful, but yout do not want us to delete the personal data.

Right to object

If you think that we have no right to process your personal data, you can object against our processing. In these cases, we can continue processing only if we can prove convincing justified reasons that will outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms.  However, we can always process your personal data if it is needed for determination, application or defense of legal entitlements.

Right to transfer of data

You can ask for your personal data that you had given us for the purposes of processing with your approval or for purposes of performance of contract to be provided to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You have also right to ask for such information to be transferred to another data administrator.

Withdrawal of approval

You have a right to withdraw your approval and we will subsequently stop our processing activities on the basis of this legal reason.

We will also inform other parties, which we could have provided with your personal data, about your request/requests.

In case of doubts, you have a right to bring an action pursuant to § 100 of the Act on Personal Data Protection to respective Surveillance Authority, for example, via www.dataprotection.gov.sk.

How can I complain regarding the processing of my data and how do I exercise my rights?

If you want to file a complaint about the way we are processing your personal data also in relation to the abovementioned rights, you can contact us at our email address gdpr@smart-logistics.com and your incentives and requests will be examined.

If you are dissatisfied with our answer or if you think that we are processing your data unfairly or unlawfully, you can make complaints with respective Surveillance Authority, i.e. Office for Personal Data Protection (ÚOOÚ). Further information about the ÚOOÚ and the procedure for filing a complaint can be found here: www.dataprotection.gov.sk.

8. Contact Info

If you have any further questions regarding processing of your personal data, you can contact us via our correspondence address listed on our website www.smart-logistics.com

or via email at gdpr@smart-logistics.com